10.10.1988 - 9.03.1998.   colour: brown & tan

Goldy of Jealousy, 2 years old

ISP.B (81/100) - T. O. C. (Test of Character in Greece) - HD-0

SchH-I  265 (85.90.90) - IPO-II 247 (84.81.82) - IPO-III 252 (84.86.82.)


International, Yugoslavian, Greek, Hungarian Champion

Vice IDC SIEGER '90, Austria BDSG '90, DV Gr SIEGER '96., Ch of Ch of Greece


Goldy, 5, 5 years old

  4xV1 Jugend Klasse   IDC '89. Fuessen - Sg3 Jugend Klasse
  BIS JUGEND ('89., Zagreb)   YU - PSIDO Jugend Sieger '89.
  6xCACIB   IDC '90 Stressa - V1 Offene Klasse, Vice IDC SG
  5xR.CACIB   BUNDESSIEGER '90 (Austria)
  32xCAC   YU - PSIDO Sieger '90 - Absolute Winner - BIS
  7xR.CAC   YU - PSIDO  Sieger '91.
  18xV1 Champion Class   YU - PSIDO  Sieger '93.
  9xBOB   IDC '92. Budapest - V2 Offene Klasse
  3. BOG, BOG, BIS   DERBY '94 Sieger
  Best Working Dog on Show (Rijeka '90)   DV Greek Sieger '96.
  Several Best Couple, Best Progeny Group  


Goldy Of Jealousy was one of the most successful Dobermanns in the early 90s. He was an amazing being worth admiring. He had a nice parallel head with dark eyes, but his jaws could be stronger. His neck was long and very strong, yet very  elegant. Well exposed withers was turning into short and strong back. Croups was excellent. He had properly depth and width of breasts and well angulations. He moved elegantly and freely in space. Maybe his most valuable characteristic was his really strong and stable character which he carried on to his progeny. His first owner Mr. Pavle Relic had great success with Goldy in International show-rings.

 I met Goldy for the first time as a 13- years- old girl, when Goldy came to live in the City of Novi Sad.   I didn't know much about dog's anatomy. I only knew that in front of me there was an adorable dog with friendly character and beautiful brown colour. Later on, I learned much more. So Goldy was the dog who introduced me with  the world of Dobermanns. His second owner Mr. Milan Pajin was a  man who told me  much about Dobes, their blood-lines, shows, etc...  Goldy was registered for the Class of Brown Veterans at the World Dog Show 1996 in Budapest. Instead of appearing at the WDS,  he  was sold to  Greece where he became a Greek Champion, Ch of Champions of Greece, DV Greek Sieger and has passed Greek ZTP by Maria Jose Bulo. All these at the age of 7 and a half !

At the moment, we have  last and maybe the best son of Goldy - nice dog called Zeus v. Dias Berg. Zeus is very similar with his father, both in character and exterior.

       Goldy of Jealousy died on March 9, 1998, 17 days before his last litter was born. It is a pity that in Goldy's time, in Yugoslavia there weren't  so beautiful bitches as we have today, so many of his descendants were out of non-commercial combinations and went into hands of people who wanted to have just family dogs and pets.

This page is a tribute to my much loved Goldy !

Goldy's Pedigree:







Berus v. d. Pagodenburg


SchH-III, IPO-III, FH 1, HD-2 

Uri v. Franckenhorst


SchH-III, HD-2 

Lothar v. Franckenhorst

Ira v. Franckenhorst

Quarta v. Eschenhof

SchH-III, Int. Fr.D.VDH CH, HD-1, FH

Candy v't Smeulveen 

Athene v. Nymphenburg 

Vivre Viviene v. Franckenhorst


SchH-III, HD-1, DVSG,  Frans. Kamp.

Nimrod Hillo v. Franckenhorst



Guy's Hilo v. Norden Stamm

Olive of Bamby's Pride

Medina dei Piani di Praglia

Ingo v. Forell

Della v. Franckenhorst








SchH-I, Frans. YU. INT. CH

Fiodor Fides v. Diaspora


SchH-I, ZTP V1A 

Caecilius Cassander v. Diaspora


Guy's Hilo v.Norden Stamm 

Iris v. Franckenhorst

Ere-Iris-Ezra v. Diaspora


SchH-III, IDCSG, Nl.,Int.Ch

Bronco v. Zenn 

Iris v. Franckenhorst

 Gitta v. d. Barebeek

Demis v. Cesarberg 

Guy's Hilo v. Norden Stamm

Xyla v. Cesarberg 

Eva v. Cesarberg

Caecilius Cassander v. Diaspora 

Zara v. Cesarberg 

Breeder:  Mr. Hrvoje Ivosevic

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